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General Electrical Services

When it comes to electrical services, safety is a priority.

Unlike some DIY installers, Alf is a fully licenced and insured electrical contractor who can carry out work safely and correctly.

Although outdoor lighting is predominately low voltage, care still needs to be taken to protect your family and even pets.

Connections and joins need to be kept clean and dry and correct procedures observed.

For example, accessing outdoor lights from indoors requires the services of a licenced electrician.

And remember to always ask for and Electrical Safety Certificate.

After Dark Lighting

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After Dark Lighting Services

for the wow factor in your garden, pool or feature area? Look no further! Let After Darks 30 years of expertise and creativity to craft a spectacular garden lighting design for your home to fit perfectly with your outdoor landscape.


Garden Lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting Safer and uses less energy.


Indoor Lighting

All indoor lighting LED replacement


Custom Made Lights

We can create customised lights and fittings


General Electrical

Qualified electrician for all your electrical needs