Garden Lighting

Garden Lighting

It’s no secret that here in Australia we love nothing more than outdoor entertaining, so ensuring that we have a beautiful outdoor space to do that is important.

Outdoor lighting is the perfect way to create ambience and a relaxing atmosphere in an al fresco area, even in the winter months.

Would you love outdoor lighting but not sure how to go about it? Alf specialises in designing the perfect lighting for you and your lifestyle.

Alf will spend the time to discover your wants and needs, collaborating and involving you in the creative process.

He will even provide a staging concept to help you visualise the end result and ensure that it meets all your expectations.

'What’s more, outdoor lighting is excellent for your property’s security.

After Dark Lighting

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After Dark Lighting Services

for the wow factor in your garden, pool or feature area? Look no further! Let After Darks 30 years of expertise and creativity to craft a spectacular garden lighting design for your home to fit perfectly with your outdoor landscape.


Garden Lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting Safer and uses less energy.


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